Depend on Professionals: Screen Printing in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Screen printing as a method for printing on fabrics and other surfaces has been used successfully for many years. The basic elements involved are the screen, of course, and inks that are generally a bit thicker than writing ink (so they don’t soak into the fabric but primarily stay on or near the surface). This method is excellent for graphics, especially when you use a specific number of colors. However, new technology allows experienced printers to produce beautiful items and eye-catching images.

Brilliant Visual Messages

If there is one result you’re looking for, brilliant visual messages, you’ll always be best served by putting your work in the capable hands of the leaders in screen printing in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. This is the best method for producing outstanding colors in larger quantities. Using a thin mesh (screen) stretched over a frame, the printer rolls ink over the screen, which has areas that allow ink to slip through. This is a very, very limited description of a remarkably effective process.

Why Not Try it?

If you’ve thought about having custom clothing items, such as shirts, made, or you want to produce unique promotional items focused on your brand or name, contact us to discuss your specific needs. You’ll also open the door to expert embroidery, laser engraving, graphic design, and more. You’ll have access to decades of experience in this special field and the results are sure to satisfy the most discerning customer.

Whether you have a large, bulk order for your business or organization, or you would like expert help to produce a single, unique item, this is your source. All items are produced in a shop well equipped with laser engravers, full-color digital printers, diamond-tip engraving machines, and the highest quality inks. If you need screen printing for your school, your sports team, business, or any organization, call today.