The Different Kinds of Awards in Fontana, CA

by | Feb 28, 2017 | Business

When you are looking to commemorate or honor an individual achievement, you should consider purchasing trophies and medals. They are often the most common types of awards for business successes, sports achievements, and any other type of competition. Twenty-first- century medals mimic older prizes that were actually made of pure metals, such as gold and bronze. For example, gold medals were originally produced from actual gold, and bronze medals were actually formed from authentic bronze.

Today, however, the awards are merely symbols of the precious metals. You can purchase many different types of prizes that mimic older medals and commemorate the achievement. Laurel leaves were actually one of the first prizes offered in ancient Greece, which is the original form of the modern word “laureate.”


Laurel leaves are not usually offered as awards in Fontana, CA, but they are often referenced to at ceremonies. Many medals or trophies feature the depiction of laurel leaves or a laurel leaf crown, which is a direct reference to ancient Greek and Roman tradition.

Business Name has many examples of great medals and trophies that feature these and other symbols.

Gold and Silver

As stated earlier, gold and silver reflect the actual precious metals that were traditionally used to create awards. Therefore, they have remained popular throughout the years. The medals also denote the different rankings. If you are looking for medals or trophies, you should consider a business that offers gold, silver, and bronze prizes.


Crystal has become increasingly popular as an award, especially for academic and corporate achievements. It is tasteful and understated while also illuminating a semi-precious material. Crystal prizes, and their acrylic facsimiles, are very popular in many sectors. No matter the type of prize you need to purchase, you should consider a great supplier as your main source.

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