Disinfection, Emergency, and COVID-19 Decontamination Experts in NYC

Today, there is an increasing need for environmental cleaning services in NYC. Environmental cleaning services include preventative and emergency removal of hazardous substances in work environments. In response to COVID-19, company offices are working with major companies to provide OSHA-certified decontamination and disinfectant solutions. Services include:

  • Preventative Disinfection
  • Emergency Decontamination
  • Business Reopening Cleaning

Preventative Disinfection

Right now, employees are providing COVID-19 preventative cleaning and decontamination services throughout the city of New York. NYC’s environmental cleaning services use state-of-the-art disinfection technology and methodology to clean surfaces while complying with EPA and CDC requirements. The most effective, efficient, and safest way to conduct decontamination cleaning in a workplace is with this methodology.

Emergency Decontamination

Decontamination professionals available around the clock are necessary to ensure that major airports and workplaces are free from infectious and hazardous substances. Emergency decontamination professionals have more than 30 hours of OSHA certifications, including experience working at airport decontamination requests.

Business Reopening Cleaning

Environmental cleaning services in NYC include restoring a business to operating condition by eliminating infectious and contaminated materials. These services should be more intense than just a regular cleaning or janitorial service.


Clearing a workplace of unwanted bacteria, diseases, and substances takes more than just your average ordinary janitor. The job requires certified professionals that have a lot of experience.

To have an office workplace restored to a usable condition in the face of COVID-10, visit Aqueous Solutions’ website today to learn more about how qualified they are at handling your environmental needs.