Does Your E-Liquid Manufacturer Sell These Products?

The first week following the decision to quit smoking can be among the hardest of all. Smokers who switch to e-cigarettes have a better chance of permanently quitting than those who go cold turkey.

If you are looking to create e-liquids for these e-cigs to help people stop smoking and get through those early days, here are three options to consider when evaluating the products sold by an e-liquid manufacturer.

Pure Liquid Nicotine

This is used in all e-juices and liquids designed to help smokers quit cigarettes while still obtaining that nicotine hit that they are used to. A good e-liquid manufacturer should sell this in different quantities and at the best possible quality.

Vegetable Glycerin for E-Liquids

Some electronic cigarette users prefer vegetable glycerin as a base for their e-liquids. The feeling in the throat is lessened, and the user experiences a bigger cloud of vapour when using their e-cigarette. This more closely replicates the experience they had while smoking.

Propylene Glycol for E-Liquids

An alternative to using vegetable glycerin, this creates a smaller cloud of vapour yet provides a bigger throat hit. Therefore, if this element is important to a former smoker, they are more likely to opt for e-liquids with this base.

In each case, quality is important. A good e-liquid manufacturer should provide its customers with choice and a range of products that enables them to make the replacement therapies desired. Finding all three available in large quantities from the same provider is ideal.