Doing Business in This Digital Age Requires Solutions from Danbury, CT

by | Mar 16, 2021 | Business

Few organizations today do not have digital assets. It seems more and more information vital to the business is stored digitally. It can become overwhelming. Before it does, contacting a digital asset librarian services team can save you time and money.

Digital Assets

What exactly is a digital asset? Simply put, a digital asset is content stored digitally. More important, it is content that represents value to your company. Examples of digital assets include:

  • Photos
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • Word docs
  • HTML docs
  • PDFs
  • And more

It is, of course, what is on these Word docs and PDFs that is most valuable. The content can include patents, agreements, whatever provides value to your company.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Managing your digital assets is vitally important to the smooth process of connecting people to information. Think of the people who perform this function as a team of librarians. The services these librarians can perform include:

  • Supervise materials submitted to the DAM system
  • Oversee quality control of all assets for optimum effectiveness
  • Manage access to licensed assets
  • Create the necessary metadata
  • And more

The benefits realized include:

  • Gaining significant speed to market
  • Decreasing operational costs
  • Increasing ROI
  • And much more

Click on the link below for specifics on how a digital asset librarian services team can benefit you.

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