Don’t Forget These 4 Items While Enjoying Live Music

Concerts are back in 2021, and they are only going to increase in number and frequency as time rolls on. With live music returning to Indianapolis and other areas, summer and fall will see plenty of concerts – especially in outdoor, festival formats. Since these are still considered the safest option, it is important to know what kind of items to bring with you while you enjoy live music in Indianapolis, IN. Check out these suggestions:

Comfortable Shoes

You are likely to be on your feet a lot during festival concerts. Keep those feet comfortable with great shoes that are easy to walk – and stand – in. You will thank yourself later!

Plenty to Drink

You will need to stay hydrated while you are rocking in the crowd, so bring your own water supply to avoid unreasonable prices and long lines.


If you will be outdoors, you need sunscreen. You may tell yourself that you will be in a shaded area but knowing exactly how the sun will hit an area is difficult. Plus, the sun can damage your skin even in the shade! Play it safe and cover up with a sunscreen that is at least SPF 35 and reapply every few hours!

Bug Spray or Lotion

Nobody wants to come home from an amazing concert experience covered in insect bites. To keep that from happening, spray your skin and clothing with an insect repellent or use a lotion format to keep skin safe from bugs. There are also newer formats for insect repellent that might work better with your festival look, including necklaces, bracelets, and even stickers for clothing. Just be sure to check for effectiveness so you will not be stuck treating painful bites after you return home!

There is a lot more to think about when you are enjoying live music outdoors, but there is just nothing that compares to festival style concerts. Enjoy the return of live music this year and every year with these precautions to ensure that you will have nothing but fond memories afterward!