Durable Asphalt Pavement For Parking Lots in Marietta, Georgia

Overview on Asphalt Concrete:

Outdoor parking lots are typically covered in some type of concrete surface. Asphalt is a popular pavement material for any surfaces that are exposed to the weather elements. This important construction material is available in several grades that are optimized for specific climates. When hiring parking lot services in Marietta, GA, you could request the appropriate asphalt paving solution. The correct mix will ensure long-lasting durability at your property. When properly applied, asphalt concrete will withstand repetitive loading from passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Your parking lot will be free of any major cracks and other visible damage. Professional parking lot services in Marietta, GA, will apply a unique hot-mix asphalt product that will resist heat and fading in the long term. Known as flexible pavement in the engineering industry, asphalt concrete is easy to repair and replace compared to rigid concrete pavement.

Parking Lot Pavement Markings:

When hiring a contractor specializing in asphalt paving, you could ask about any pavement marking services. Once the asphalt surface is dried and settled, it could be painted with standard markings for safe and smooth traffic flow. Parking lot services in Marietta, GA, should follow any codes and guidelines from the regional department of transportation. Additionally, asphalt paving markings must display the correct signs for handicapped spaces in compliance with ADA rules. Professional paint stripping services will optimize the wayfinding layout in your parking lot. All parking spots, turn lanes and medians should be properly marked in a high-contrast paint.