Five Reasons Why Your Next Shipyard Job Should Be Through a Temporary Agency

by | Jan 3, 2019 | Employment Agency

You may not know it, but if you are skilled in ship repair, building or refurbishing, you can also find work quite easily through shipyard temporary staffing services. Many companies that specialize in this area often find themselves in need of temporary staffing solutions to fill gaps and even to meet deadlines on specific projects. They are often in search of welders, cutters, braziers, and others who all contribute to such work, and yet you might find it hard to identify the companies that need your services and can supply you with work.

This is where a shipyard temporary staffing services fills the gap. Here are five reasons why they are a good option for your next job:

  1. They are not going to force you to remain actively working on temporary projects but will let you fill in any gaps in your employment with temporary work. You let them know when you are available, and they can steer you towards the projects and employers eager to find workers with your abilities.
  2. You can also turn to these services for full-time work if you prefer such an arrangement. How? It begins when you take work through a shipyard temporary staffing service. Often, it is for a short-term or fixed length project. Whether it is weeks or months, you’ll get to try out the service and see if you like the work. Then, you can just keep returning to the service as your projects wind down and let them know you want another project.
  3. A lot of employers find that they like the work and attitude of those who are hired through service and have an option for asking workers to come on as a permanent part of the team.
  4. Many top names in the shipbuilding industry rely on shipyard temporary staffing services, and that means you won’t have to try to get your foot in the door on your own.
  5. Because there are local staffing services, it is often easier than you might imagine finding local work.

For instance, if you are in the Jacksonville area, Stafforce is a trusted service among shipbuilders and shipyards. They are known for pairing companies with the most highly skilled and qualified workers, and they can help you to find employment quickly. It will always be a good fit for your experience level and will usually allow you options for ongoing work.

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