Heavy Duty Conveyor Rollers and Their Use in Different Industries

Conveyor rollers can be used in a wide variety of industries. These rollers have been specially designed for adaptability and are mostly used in manufacturing and logistics. But, there are several other industries where heavy duty conveyor rollers can shine. The following are just a few of those industries.

Food Handling

Food handling is one such industry where heavy duty conveyor rollers can be used because of their sturdy and durable design. The high-quality materials used in their construction means less wear and tear with time and lower costs for maintenance and upkeep.


Packaging is another industry that deals with a wide range of packages that are received in various sizes and weights. This is also one of the industries where you need nothing less than heavy duty conveyor rollers to do the job.

Baggage Handling

Baggage handling at airports or third-party service providers usually requires heavy duty conveyor rollers since they need to support the weight of various baggage sizes and specifications. Using sturdy rollers offers a simple and efficient solution for baggage handling since premium quality rollers are less likely to break or cause any disruption that would need to shut down the entire conveyor system and cost a lot of time and money.


Steelmaking is one of those industries where you need to ensure that all mechanical systems and their moving parts are in perfect working order. Even a slight hiccup, such as a broken or malfunctioning conveyor roller, can result in hours of delays and a significant loss of revenue. Keeping that in mind, heavy duty rollers provide the type of robust design and sturdiness that is required in steelmaking, along with warehousing and transporting the finished product.

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