3 Reasons You Should Use Teak Flooring For Your Deck or Patio

If you’re building or redesigning your deck, one of the things you might be considering is replacing the worn wood in your deck’s floor. If you’re looking for a different type of material or a new look, consider using teak decking. There are a few reasons many people prefer this type of flooring as an outdoor surface. Here are a few of the most common benefits this type of flooring provides.

Visually Appealing
The look that teak lends to any outdoor surface is something that just can’t be ignored. It provides an attractive and natural look that helps set the mood for any outdoor gathering. It can help you create a tropical theme, or it can help enhance the rustic feel of your outdoor entertaining area.

Avoid Mold Growth and Insect Infestations
A moist atmosphere creates the perfect breeding ground for fungus, mold, and termites among other pests. Fortunately, teak doesn’t absorb moisture. As long as you add a sealant where the screws penetrate the teak and account for spacing between the boards, you won’t have to worry about moisture posing a problem.

Create a Safer Floor
Many people opt for teak decking because it provides a non-slip and skid-resistant surface. Even after there has been rainfall, you’ll find that you can walk confidently on a deck floor that’s made with teak. This can be helpful in protecting your family and guests, particularly when entertaining those who may not be as steady on their feet.

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