High Clarity Industrial Printing Needs At Granite City IL And Kansas City MO

by | Jan 2, 2020 | Printers

When it comes to Squid printer parts in Kansas City, MO, you can source them from us as we’re a supplier of industrial printing supply needs. We’re a specialist in the business of industrial printers offering products and services to maintain and supply them whether you’re in Granite City, Illinois or Kansas City, MO, or anywhere else in the United States because you can contact us online.

One of the more reliable brands of industrial printers we carry is from the Squid Printers. These are printers you can actually readily install because they’re that easy. It comes with its own controller and power cord, its print head, photocell, ink reservoir, its mounting bracket hardware and its print head mounting post.

On a standard rolling printer stand, the Squid printer installation is simply using an Allen wrench to put together the bracket, attachments of its parts and cables to the controller and the photocell. Just remember that the lowest opening of the print head is at the same level as the top of the ink reservoir in your set up.

If you happen to be near any of our offices, we’d be glad to install it for you. If you’re elsewhere in the country, we’ve got a video online that will guide you in the proper installation of the Squid Printer.

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