Holy Cross Cemetery, Antioch – Sacred Interment & Committal Services For Bereaved Families

by | Oct 16, 2023 | Cremation Service

Coping with grief and bereavement can be challenging for many families. Bereaved families often struggle to identify the appropriate interment services for their resting loved ones. Holy Cross Cemetery in Antioch, part of Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services (CFCS), serves as a sanctuary for the living, providing consecrated burial grounds to the faith community in the Oakland Diocese.

Brief History

Founded in faith in 1870, Holy Cross Cemetery is one of the oldest in the Oakland Diocese. This sacred space covers over 35 acres and has over 20,000 loved ones awaiting Resurrection in Christ. These consecrated grounds feature several mausoleums, crypt structures, lush lawns, and a chapel, creating a peaceful and serene environment for visitors.

Services Offered

Cemetery in Antioch offers sacred interment and committal services for bereaved families. They also have special programs for the faith community in the Oakland Diocese and the nine parishes in Contra Costa County.

CFCS services in Antioch include:

Ground Burials

Traditional ground burials are one of the core services offered at Holy Cross Cemetery. They include earth and crypt burials, with bereaved families assisted in selecting the perfect resting place for their loved ones.
Crypt Burials

Crypt burials include outdoor garden options, indoor spaces, and private family garden crypts. Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services understands that selecting a suitable resting place and crypt style is a personal decision. As such, the organization will fulfill your specifications and desires with care and compassion.

Niche Burials

Niche burials are a memorable way to celebrate loved ones gone before us. Families can select from single niche options, side-by-side niches for companions, glass front niches, cremation benches & pedestals, and personalized niche options.

Private Family Estates

CFCS provides custom burial plots, allowing families to celebrate their treasured loved ones and create lasting tributes for coming generations. Families can choose between mausoleums, monuments, and cremation estates for personalized family legacies.


CFCS has several memorialization options for families who want to remember their loved ones differently. Available options include traditional upright memorials, flush memorials, cremation benches, pillow top memorials, and traditional upright memorials. Families can choose from different designs and colors for a more personalized touch.

Losing a treasured loved one is emotionally draining. Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services are here to guide and console bereaved families during these challenging moments. Contact Holy Cross Cemetery & Funeral Center for immediate assistance or advanced planning with funeral and burial services.

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