How an ASRS System Could Give a Big Boost to Your Business Production

When you are looking for ways to increase productivity without increasing costs, automation may be the way to go. With automated storage and retrieval (ASRS) systems in your warehouse, the savings you gain on manual labor can be redirected toward other important functions like customer service and project management. Here are several ways ASRS systems could boost your company’s productivity.

Increase Accuracy

When an employee misreads and pulls the wrong item from a pick location, a few different things can happen. If they realize their mistake, it means going back to that rack, returning the wrong item and retrieving the correct one. If they don’t realize their mistake, it means that a customer gets the wrong product and becomes disgruntled. This could result in lost loyalty, return shipping expenses and more. Robotic systems have a higher degree of accuracy than human item pickers.

Enhanced Safety

By replacing manual labor with robotic systems the risk for human injury is reduced. Robots do not require the breaks and down time required for human workers by labor laws. They do not have to wear safety vests or helmets. This means enhanced safety and lower costs for maintaining a safe work environment. This could, therefore, reduce the number of workplace accidents and possible workers’ compensation claims you could have to deal with.

Lower Labor Costs

It can take a human warehouse worker a considerable amount of time to locate a pick location and pick the product. Once all the items have been retrieved, the person then must transport it to the packaging area. ASRS systems can do this in less time. As a result, an ASRS solution could decrease your company’s unit-based labor costs.

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