How the Beautiful Hibiscus Flower Florida Can Transform Your Space

When you think of Florida, you may think of beaches, sun and beautiful flora. Or you may think of how badly you need a vacation. Whether you want to bring a piece of vacation home, or you just want to spruce up your home or workspace, a great choice is the hibiscus flower from Florida. These deep-red flowers are bright and beautiful, and are sure to make any property or job site luscious and inviting.

Also known as rosemallow, they are the only form of hibiscus that is native to Florida. They can grow anywhere from four to eight feet upright. These flowers are also perennial, which means they will continually grow back every spring for many years. All you have to do is basic trimming and maintenance on these flowers, and you’ll always have a piece of Florida growing and growing–wherever you are.

What’s great about the Hibiscus is that they can thrive in a variety of environments. Although they are native to wetlands, they can survive in drier soils as well. They need full sun during the day, but they will also grow in partial shade. The hibiscus flower from Florida can be propogated fairly easily. Ultimately, these flowers are adaptable, and will maintain their beauty in most environments.

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