How the Weather Can Harm a Stainless Steel Sign Outdoors in Dover

Although stainless steel is a strong metal, it has some vulnerabilities. In many situations, the weather can expose most vulnerabilities that a sign may have. If you understand the risks, you can take practical steps to protect your signs.


During a rainstorm, water will create moisture on vulnerable parts of a sign. If moisture lingers, rust will pose a threat over time on any metal sign that isn’t properly protected.


Fog is an occasional threat for an outdoor sign. You’ll only have to deal with it when autumn ends and winter begins. Fog creates moisture too, so if your signs are prepared for rainstorms, you won’t need to prep them for fog.


Ice is very jagged and sharp. If ice forms on a metal sign, it could scratch its surfaces. Ice is also a risk for a sign because it produces moisture as it melts.


Snow poses two threats on a cold day. When it falls on a sign, it will weigh the material down. Then, after it melts, it will leave the sign damp and wet.

Other parts of a sign are also vulnerable when harsh weather strikes. For example, strong winds can warp a pole, and ice could freeze a set of stainless steel sign brackets. If you ever need heavy-duty stainless steel sign brackets for a hefty sign, you can buy them from Industrial Strap Metal. To browse this company’s inventory, visit