How to market senior living communities: 3 crucial tips

It isn’t news that occupancy in assisted living communities has been on the decline. If anything, the numbers have hit a record low. If things are going to change, however, communities must take marketing and sales seriously and improve their efforts. But, the question in everyone’s mind is how to market senior living communities? Luckily, these ideas will get you started in the right direction.

How to market senior living communities

Digital marketing

Most people retiring these days are baby boomers, and if you know anything about them, it’s that they are tech-savvy. This means you can reach them on social media, through blogs, email, and advertising on Google. Either hire an assisted living marketing company to handle this for you or get an in-house digital marketer. Either way, take advantage of the online space.

Keep up with the trends

Marketing trends keep changing in every industry, and yours is no different. Keeping up with the times means you will know when things change so you can adjust accordingly. If your efforts are directed towards the internet, you must also know when marketing strategies have changed, so you don’t waste money on the wrong approach.

Use your residents as brand ambassadors

If you already have residents in your community, you are in luck. This is because residents who love your community are willing to put in a good word for you to their friends and interested parties. Start by asking for reviews and post them online either on your website, google my business page or social media platforms. Better still, on all platforms. You can also start a residential referral program which will attract more residents.

Sales and marketing are the heart of any business. Although the numbers are dropping in most communities, you can use these efforts to expand your clientele and have more residents join you. So, take advantage of this information and start working on and implementing your marketing plan. To know more contact SENIOROI.