Is it Less Expensive to Install a Solar-Plus-Storage System or Add a Battery After Installing Solar in Rhode Island?

Oftentimes, people wonder if it is more cost-effective to install a solar-plus-storage system from the start of their project or add a battery after installing their complete solar system. So, here’s a general guide going through the price differences between acquiring a solar-plus-storage or adding a battery after the installation.

Installing a Solar-Plus-Storage System

Installing a solar-plus-storage system ensures from the start that all your equipment is entirely compatible. The hassle of acquiring an additional inverter to hook up with the battery is non-existent. The reason is that battery-ready systems include modern hybrid inverters that have built-in battery controls and connections.

Solar batteries are vital for instances when you cannot utilize your grid or even your panels. These usually happen during power outages and when your grid and panels malfunction. Many people also purchase batteries for their existing solar system to earn savings. Having a stable source of energy reduces electricity costs and avoids demand charges. You can even apply to incentive and rebate programs to save on upfront installation costs.

The only downside would likely be the price. The solar-plus-storage system can be 20% to 40% more expensive than traditional solar arrays. Although fresh in the market, the rapid evolution in battery technology might be what you need for years to come.


Most solar-plus-storage systems that you can find in Rhode Island have prices ranging between $15,000-$30,000. If you are looking into incorporating batteries into your system, it is integral to look for reputable brands. Those people who need a robust back-up power in case of power outages get either Tesla Powerwall, Generac PWRcell