Three Warning Signs of New Jersey Solar Panel Contractors You Should Avoid

by | Oct 20, 2020 | Solar

Choosing a reputable solar panel contractor that can live up to your expectations can be challenging. You can obtain the appropriate solar panels and equipment through extensive research. These products can even be compared based on their specifications, costs, and brand reputation. But, the ideal solar contractor with the expertise you are looking for can be challenging to find.

To make things easier for you, here are the factors you should look out for to avoid a substandard finish.

Lack of Verifiable Projects Similar to Yours

It is imperative to look for a solar contractor with sufficient experience in solar system installations. If they have the expertise, they should have all the necessary certifications, licenses, and insurance policies. You can expect an excellent quality of service when your solar contractor is NABCEP-certified. However, some contractors may be certified but cannot demonstrate enough experience for the job.

Ensure their track record to see the type of projects they have done in the past. You can check the solar company website that they represent to check their relevant experiences. Those that lack projects involving solar installation cannot guarantee that they can fulfill the job. You should also expect them to demonstrate the systems they have installed during the consultation.

Does not Provide Free or Virtual Solar Consultations

Although not every company provides free consultations, you should prioritize those that offer them. Consultations before the entire process are integral to meet the clients in person or through a google hangout session and evaluate their initial inquiries. Every customer is different. Each client has different needs that can only be addressed by sitting down with them. Meetings like these are essential to building a rapport between the solar contractor and the customers. They might have some questions about your services, including the previous projects of their prospective contractor. It becomes an opportunity for contractors to set the record straight and leave the evaluation to the customers themselves.

This initial meeting serves as a sign that your solar contractor is fully committed to providing exceptional services. Furthermore, it gives them the impression that you can be approachable and accessible at all times.

No Solar Engineers or Architects are Used to Optimize Your System

Most solar panel contractors deploy solar engineers and architects during the approval process for an extra hand to optimize your system.

The primary work of solar contractors involves meeting with customers and the installation itself. Solar engineers and architects are vital because they oversee the whole operation to ensure that the installation is going well. They are the ones who did the research, design, and obtained the necessary approvals. Additionally, some even work on testing, production, and maintenance of your solar system. As the foremost worker producing the blueprint of your system, they should know the supposed outcome better.

Therefore, without solar engineers or architects to monitor the progress, you can’t determine if the installation is polished.

Working with a solar contractor with the right expertise is integral to ensure fewer errors. Errors that happen during the installation can impact the overall performance of your solar system. That said, consider these warning signs to find the best contractor for you.

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