Keeping an Eye on Your San Antonio Construction Site with Mobile Security

by | Oct 12, 2021 | Fire and Security

When you or your team are in charge of a major construction site in South Texas, you know the pitfalls of general on-site security, especially after hours. Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of valuable equipment gets stolen on an annual basis across the country, according to the National Equipment Registry’s studies, and that figure doesn’t even include extremely desirable loot, such as building materials or machine tools. Keeping that in mind, it pays to have a solid security system in place. While there are a number of options at your disposal, from a remote camera system to a professional on-site security force, having a well-monitored portable security system for construction in San Antonio can be beneficial to your company and work crew on a long term basis.

With a security camera array, it is imperative to have after-hours monitoring by trained staff, who can then do anything from access on-site alarms to alert your local law enforcement authorities, as well as having video evidence ready to go. With a range of mobile security options, you have the ability to reposition cameras where you need them on-site as well as between sites, in the event of your company having multiple project sites at one time.

If you or a colleague are in need of a site-based portable security system for construction in San Antonio, or if you have any questions about the options of services, please contact iNet Security and Surveillance online at or by phone at 210-822-6400 for more information.

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