What Is Your Micro Focus X-Ray Source?

by | Mar 9, 2018 | Industrial Goods and Services

An x-ray tube that has a small focal spot, less than five microns, is considered to be a Micro Focus x-ray tube. This type of x-ray tube is actually better suited for imaging pertaining to small feature applications. A beryllium window is incorporated to provide maximum flux with a viewable field of at least 60°. You can order this tube with or without a power supply that is compatible and can be used with a cable of high-voltage, or incorporated using your own integrated type of power supply. Micro X-Ray Inc. have the customer service needed to assist you in choosing the right tubes for your applications. If you need a special tube they can also design and manufacture them to fit your needs.

Get the Right Tube for the Job

An x-ray tube that’s micro focus has been designed for different types of applications that rely on feature recognition that’s very small. They allow for nondestructive inspections that prevents x-ray images from blurring and instead provides an enlarged and sharp image. When you want a clear and sharp x-ray image then this type of x-ray tube is your perfect option.

Meet Challenging Applications with Success

There are many applications that are challenging and require sharp images, high stability, a micro focus spot size as well as high magnification. These are actually innovative x-ray solutions that can be used in many different types of applications that range from PCB assembly inspections, integrated circuits, medical research as well as the inspection of mechanical parts. No matter what your x-ray goals are, what the specialists advise you on the best type of x-ray tubes for the job. They are ready to answer your questions and discuss information about their products ranging from technical to general inquiries. Get the right specifications for the x-ray tubes you need today. Visit us at https://microxray.com for more details. Like us on our facebook page.

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