Should Your Staff Be Trained in Fire Safety?

by | Mar 9, 2018 | Fire and Security

Commercial kitchens are prime targets for fires. Between the grease, the stove, the ovens, and the cooks and servers running back and forth, it’s a wonder that there are not more fires in the kitchen. That is why it’s important to have emergency services in Toronto, like Harding Fire Protection Systems to take care of your equipment and any emergency with that equipment you might have. However, even with all the precautions in place, you still need to ensure that your staff is trained in fire safety as well. Find out why below.

They Know Their Role
When a fire breaks out, it’s easy to panic and everyone start running this way and that. If your staff is highly trained in fire safety, then they won’t panic as easily. You also don’t want the staff to think that someone else is responsible for each task that must be done, such as getting everyone to safety. Instead, give your staff certain duties in case a fire breaks out. It always helps to have a plan, no matter what.

For Their Safety
Panicking is easy to do if you aren’t trained in what to do when a fire breaks out. Make sure that your staff knows that the fire safety training you’re making them take is to help them stay safe in case the unspeakable happens.

Teach Them what to do
The best way to train your staff in fire safety is to also train them to prevent the fires to begin with. This includes everything from knowing how to put out a grease fire to keeping grease traps emptied and cleaned at all times.

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