Need Custom Made Packaging for Your Products? Here’s How We Can Help

by | Mar 15, 2021 | Corrugated Box Manufacturer

Not every product every company makes fits into a standard square or rectangle box. If a new product your company has produced doesn’t fit any standard shipping box, there are these custom-made shipping boxes made by a company in Savannah, GA. Here’s how this company can help you and make a box that fits your product perfectly.

Send Them the Dimensions and a Picture of Your Product

If you contract the services of this company, you send them a picture of your product plus dimensions. You need to decide in advance the kind of packaging you would like to see and whether or not you need packaging that is fully recyclable or minimal. The company does a couple of mock-ups of packaging that could work for this particular product of yours. You choose the one you like, or if none of them are appealing, ask the company to keep working on it.

Once They Get the Packaging Just Right, They Will Mass-Produce the Packaging for You

Once the company has produced a package design that you like and you approve of, you can have the company mass-produce the packaging for you. If you do not have the facilities or means to package your products in-house, you can hire another company to package the product for you. Otherwise you can get several employees on the line to rapid-box the product and send it on down the line. If you’re ready to get the custom-made shipping boxes you really need, contact Express Package via

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