Pros And Cons Of Microblading

People who don’t want to deal with daily filling out of their eyebrows with pencils but don’t want to commit to permanent makeup in this area have another option. It’s called Microblading and is a semi-permanent technique performed by using a blade created by a row of tiny needles dipped in ink to draw in hairs and fill out the eyebrows.

Potential Benefits

Permanent eyebrow tattoos can look unnatural and fade to odd colors over time. With changes in styles, they can also look dated after a time. Microblading lasts for no more than three years (often no more than one year), so the look can be changed up as eyebrow styles change. It also uses a different type of ink than tattoos, so it doesn’t change color except to gradually fade away as the top layers of skin are shed or the ink is absorbed naturally over time. Because the individual hairs are drawn in, the results look very natural. Keep in mind the color will be a bit lighter after the skin has healed. If at about six weeks the results aren’t as desired, a touchup may be done to fix any issues.

Potential Considerations

The procedure is still relatively costly, starting in price at about $500 per treatment. It takes about two hours and involves some pain, although a numbing cream is used before beginning to make the cuts involved. In some cases, there can be more than 100 tiny cuts made in the eyebrow area. Make sure to use a person well-trained in the technique, or the cuts could be made too deep or improper sterilization could lead to an infection. There’s also a risk that the technician will draw in eyebrows that aren’t quite the shape you wanted. If the technician draws the lines too close together, the strokes may look blurry or muddy after two to three months when the cuts are totally healed. There is some aftercare required after the procedure, similar to that needed after getting a regular tattoo. This means not wearing any makeup and keeping the area moisturized and clean for at least a week.

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