Protect Your Rights With Truck Accident Lawyers In Dayton, Ohio

by | Dec 27, 2016 | Truck Accident Lawyers

There are more and more big rigs on the highway. That is because trucks transport most of the goods in the U.S. Unfortunately, the number of truck-car collisions is also on the rise. Drivers are more likely to sustain a serious injury in a collision with a truck. Trucks simply weigh more and are longer than other vehicles. There are many causes for these accidents including driver error. Overwhelmingly, mistakes can be blamed on driver fatigue. Shoddy equipment is also a cause of accidents. Examples include faulty brakes, weak tires and malfunctioning trailers.

The trucking industry is governed by federal law. One of those laws mandates that drivers sleep after driving for a number of hours. However, many drivers fail to adhere to this law. They may be behind and rushing to get home. On the other hand, the driver thinks he can drive without taking a break. If you are a victim, call the truck accident lawyers in Dayton OH. Visit their website and Get more information on how to make an appointment. The lawyer evaluates a claim and makes a recommendation on how to proceed. If a case is pursued, there are many potential parties.

The Truck Accident Lawyers in Dayton OH will explain how cases are handled. Accidents involving trucks are a little more complicated than others. For example, often there are multiple parties. The driver is liable as well as the truck’s owner. In some instances, the truck may have been leased from a company. The Leasing company would be a party as well. Further, the lawyer may sue the manufacturer of a defective part. Finally, the loader of the truck may be to blame. If a load is not secured, it can shift. The shifting may cause the truck to jack-knife.

The case follows the same route of other personal injury cases. The lawyer attempts to negotiate a settlement with any insurance companies involved. If this fails, a lawsuit will be filed. Victims have the right to be compensated for medical bills, lost wages, emotional anguish and pain and suffering. If you need help with a case, find a lawyer to protect your rights.

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