When to Consider In Vitro Fertilization in San Antonio, TX

by | Dec 28, 2016 | Health Care

Infertility issues no longer mean that couples cannot achieve their dreams of starting a family. The variety of assistance available increases the odds dramatically that people will have the opportunity to welcome a new addition. In Vitro Fertilization in San Antonio TX is a safe and effective solution used by approximately one percent of all women giving birth in the United States today.

When should a couple seek help?

Most experts recommend visiting a doctor to discuss possible fertility problems after a year of trying without success. This time is cut in half for couples over 35 or for women with previous gynecological concerns that could complicate a pregnancy like endometriosis or irregular menstrual cycles. Both partners should undergo physical exams at the same time to determine the cause of infertility.

Who should consider IVF?

In many cases, people only need to improve their health through lifestyle changes like losing weight and adjusting their diets to achieve success. Approximately seven million others in the country will need additional help. Fertility drugs to boost egg production are usually the first step in fertility treatments. In Vitro Fertilization in San Antonio TX is generally suggested if these methods fail or when women have known problems with their Fallopian tubes. A previous ectopic pregnancy or chronic endometriosis makes women very good candidates for IVF because the Fallopian tubes are bypassed during the procedure.

How effective is IVF?

Women under 35 years of age typically have a success rate of about 35 percent per embryo. Usually, only one embryo is transferred during an IVF treatment to reduce the potential for a multiple pregnancies. Some women will have success on the first attempt and others will need two or three treatments before the embryo finally implants and they become pregnant. There are no additional risks or complications in a pregnancy made possible with IVF as compared to one conceived without any fertility assistance.

Every couple is different and their circumstances and experience will be unique. The only way for anyone to know what to expect is to talk to fertility experts at an IVF clinic. Get more information by contacting the clinic today. They can answer questions about costs and how the procedure works. More detailed information requires an exam and consultation.

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