Questions To Ask Before Enrolling In VFX Training

by | Apr 25, 2016 | Business

Taking a course or training program in VFX or virtual effects is a very good career choice if you are interested in the movie, television or even gaming industries. However, selecting the right VFX training that provides the quality of education to advance your skills and knowledge in the area will be critical.

Unfortunately, not all training programs are designed to be beneficial for the student or to increase their ability to find a job after course complete. There are some amazing training opportunities out there, however, including training at actual production houses that also offer these types of program.

Determining the quality of the VFX training and what it will do for your career upon complete should be a priority before you enroll. This information may be found on the training facilities website, through phone calls to the training center, or through online searches and feedback from past students in the program.

Instructor Qualifications

Look for a training program offering true current industry experts as instructors. You do not want to pay money to attend a program that is taught by someone with little real-world experience.

These individuals will not understand current trends in the industry, what employers are looking for in new hires, or even the types of technology that is now in use. As VFX continually evolves, having top instructors is going to be critical.

Type of Training

The best option is a combination of both lecture type training combined with hands-on experience in a real-world situation. Completing projects using the software you would use in a professional setting is extremely helpful in developing your skills and increasing your ability to be hired for a job upon program completion.

Avoid programs or VFX training courses that are all lecture or all “hands-on”; you really need the knowledge foundation to be able to understand the process and the theory behind how and why you would select specific tools and programs.

Assistance with Jobs

While no training program can guarantee every student will find a job, training programs should work to support students that are applying themselves in the training.

Many of the top programs, through their reputations and their connections, are able to work with students to develop demo reels, professional portfolios and top knowledge of the technology to be confident in going into an interview and landing that all-important first job.

Our goal at Hi-Tech Animation is to provide our students with industry experts and top VFX training experiences. We also help you to prepare for interviews, and our students are in demand in the industry.

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