Should You Use a 360 Degree Feedback Software Program?

by | Apr 25, 2016 | Business

Using feedback software programs is becoming more of a necessity in many business organizations. Managers want to know as much as they can about their employees. In the world of human resources and industrial psychology, the term “360 feedback” generally refers to the feedback given about a particular employee by the immediate work circle of that employee. 360 feedback refers to the feedback given by your colleagues about you. For instance, it may include the feedback given by your subordinates, your colleagues or your supervisor. Self-evaluation is also a part of 360-degree feedback.

Many companies have begun to use 360-degree feedback software programs in a bid to track employee performance. It’s important for HR managers to know what employees think about each other. The information collected by the program can be used for making a variety of long-term decisions, and could even have an impact on the future of a particular employee working at the company.

Why Use a Software Program?

Before information technology was so widely implemented in the world of business, the only way to track employee performance was supervisor reviews. This led to a series of problems. For instance, employees knew when a supervisor was going to conduct a review. As soon as the supervisor arrived in the office, the employees were ready to showcase their skills and perform as well as they could for the duration of the review.

They also had excuses for any lapses in performance that were highlighted by the collection data. There was no way to track real-time data about the performance of a particular employee. Numerous studies showed that having a supervisor judging employee performance also led to serious dips in motivation, thus affecting performance.

Using a 360-degree feedback software program effectively makes it easy for HR managers to track employee performance and make several decisions. These programs allow HR managers to conduct anonymous surveys in order to find out what the team thinks of a particular employee. They also allow the manager to see analytical information about employees and decide whether the person should be kept in the team or let go.

Other Advantages

Perhaps the biggest advantage of using a 360-degree feedback software program is the fact that you don’t have to do a thing. The program runs in the background and collects information about different employees. You can add notes and observations according to your requirements. This will help you prepare for annual or quarterly reviews, and will also make it easy for you to see whether an employee deserves a reward or recognition for their work.

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