Renting Your Breeding Bulls Instead of Buying Them Saves Money

Many smaller beef herders and producers face the same issues. Most of these smaller operations lack genetic diversity among their livestock, and as such they may struggle during breeding season. In response to this issue, many such small operators turn to purchasing their bulls in order to save costs. That said, going this route is often even more expensive.

A better solution is to find certified, registered, and healthy bulls for your breeding operations. That’s where your high-performance bull and cow farming supplier comes into play. They can provide you with many value-added services, and these include giving you the ability to rent a bull for breeding.

Rent a Bull for Breeding and Watch Your Savings Grow

Making sure that bulls, cows, and calves are properly housed, fed, and taken care of can be a full-time operation. It can also be quite expensive to maintain such stocks, and this prevents many smaller producers from taking this option. The good news is, your high-performance bull and cow farmers can provide you with bulls for breeding on-demand. This option allows cow herders of any size to access certified Angus bulls that are prized for their genetic purity. Plus, by renting bulls rather than buying them, prospective cow and bull farmers can save themselves the costs of caring for such animals year-round.

In addition, high-performance bull and cow farmers can also offer you many other value-added services. These services include things like transporting animals, and even replacing injured bulls on-demand.