Residential Waste Systems’ Yard Service in Monroe, CT

by | Feb 7, 2020 | waste management

Residential Waste Systems (RWS) is known as the #1 dumpster rental service in Fairfield County in Connecticut. However, we are also know for our yard service in Monroe, CT.

Getting your trash and recycle bowls ready to go out to the car can be a major pain. Our yard service makes it so all you have to do is put your trash and recyclables out in the bins the night before, and we will drive up directly to where your bins are to empty them on trash day.

This service is great for people with long driveways and people who do not feel like taking our bins to the curb. It is also convenient for homeowners that store trash in their backyards and for elderly homeowners that are not as mobile.

For your convenience, we also provide 96-gallon recycling bins to local residents in Monroe, CT. If you are a new resident in the area, sign up to receive one of our recycling bins today. The color of your bin determines your day for recycling pick up. Bins come in red and blue. Tell us where you live and we will tell you the color of your bin that you will be receiving.

Residential Waste Systems yard service in Monroe, CT, is as easy as one, two, three! First, put your trash out the night before so it is ready for us in the morning. Second, we drive up to your home and remove your trash. Lastly, now you have empty bins for the week to store any trash or recyclables that accumulate in your home.

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