Signs of a Quality Food Catering Service

by | May 7, 2018 | Foods

When planning a big event, you’ve got enough on your plate (pardon the pun) without having to worry about your catering company being up to snuff. You want to make sure that the company you’re ordering from will get the order right, get there on time, and that the food will be delicious, all of which without any needless hassle along the way. So what qualities should you be on the lookout for when deciding on a catering company? If you’re looking for food catering for a special event in Santa Cruz CA, these are the three signs to watch out for that signify a quality food catering service.

#1. No hassle
The point of a catering company is to make a huge aspect of any gathering-providing enough food for everyone-easier, not to give you more headaches. As such, the staff should be highly trained, experienced, and well-coordinated. The deliveries should be scheduled, planned to the last minute, and clearly communicated with the recipient. They should be punctual to every meet-up and follow-up meet-up leading to the event, and should of course be punctual when delivering to the event itself. Punctuality is important, and why you should judge whether you can rely on a catering company very early on in the planning.

#2. Professional packaging with multiple options
Making good food only accounts for half of what makes a good catering company. The other half is making sure the packaging is professional quality, provides multiple options for different scenarios, and gets there in one piece. A good catering company should always provide eco-friendly disposable guest-ware, present their food in an interesting, delicious manner, and be equipped for deliveries in both extreme temperatures, either hot or cold. All of their equipment should center on maintaining the food’s quality from shipment to delivery. In short, there should be absolutely no problem with the food when it gets there.

#3. Guaranteed setup and cleanup service
You’ve got enough to juggle setting up this event without also adding on the food on top of that. A good catering company should include a guarantee to aid you with setting up the food and tables, and aid with cleaning up the food when everything is said and done. And it should be part of their default service package. If the company asks you for an extra fee for setup and cleanup, you should see it as a sign that your business is best taken elsewhere.

If you want a catering company that meets all of these caveats, then look no further than D’La Colmena Mexican Food Catering Service.

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