Simple Ways To Cut Your Air Tool Repair Bills

On the job and at work no matter how careful you are with your tools they eventually will wear out and cease to be effective and efficient. There can also be accidents on the job that lead to the need for you to find air tool repair services in your area.

However, the greatest reason for air tool repair is usually improper use or maintenance of the tools. This is most common when company tools are being used by a range of different employees on a variety of different jobs. Often basic maintenance isn’t done because of time constraints but it can also occur because of lack of training for employees on how to correctly use and maintain the various pneumonic tools that you have.

Proper Lubrication

There are a range of different air tools that need lubrication. It is important to ensure that you are using the right lubricant as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Often shops or jobsites just use one type of lubricant for all tools which, depending on the air tools in use, may or may not be a good option.

Proper Air Pressure

Another common issue that leads to the need for air tool repair is using the tools with incorrect air pressure. Usually this is an issue in using the tools with insufficient air pressure for proper operation. While the tool may get the job done it is not working as it was designed, leading to a greater risk of failure within the tool itself with continued use.

Another problem is using too high of an air pressure setting with the tools. This leads to air tool repair because it causes increased wear on the tool. Air tools that are used at too high of an air pressure tend to have a significantly lower life span.

No Filters

When using any air tools always make sure there is a FRL in the line right near the connection for the air tool. This is a Filter, Regulator and Lubricator that will prevent any debris in the lines from shooting up into the tool with the pressurized air.

It is important to choose the right FRL to ensure the right PSI for the tool to operate. However, keeping debris and dirt from the lines and the compressor out of the equipment will certainly help reduce your air tool repair costs. Visit