The Best Self-Defense Handguns in Sheperdsville KY

For those who want to be prepared, a handgun is an excellent tool that allows people to protect themselves and their families. Here are some of the best self-defense Handguns in Sheperdsville KY that can be found in most gun stores.

Concealed Carry Options

When people decide to buy a self-defense handgun, they are often looking for a gun that can easily be concealed for everyday carry. Small pistols tend to be one of the most popular choices. These include .380 ACP pistols, such as the Taurus TCP and the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard, as well as a few other calibers. Models in 9mm, such as the Springfield XD-S and the Walther PPS are some of the other top sellers. And for those who want a few more rounds than the typical sub-compact pistol holds, the Glock 26 is a good option. If revolvers are preferred over semi-automatic pistols, there are several compact models in .38 Special, including the Ruger LCR.

Other Handguns

Some people like to conceal bigger Handguns in Sheperdsville KY or to have a large pistol for home defense. When it comes to guns of intermediate size, there is the enormously successful Glock 19, among others. With full-size pistols, the Smith & Wesson M&P9 is currently quite popular, as is the Sig 320. And when the power of the .45 ACP is desired, be sure to look at the huge variety of 1911 pistols made by many firearms manufacturers.

Snake Defense

For hunters and others who are concerned about encountering venomous snakes, such as rattlesnakes and copperheads, a handgun chambered in .410 bore may be ideal. This small shotgun shell can be very effective at killing snakes when it is loaded with the right shot. Some popular handguns that fire the .410 include the Taurus Judge revolver and several derringer models from Bond Arms. All of these guns are easy to carry in a holster or along with other gear, yet pack a lot of punch for dealing with venomous reptiles.

An up close look at these and many other self-defense Handguns in Sheperdsville KY is available at a local gun store, where everyone is sure to find the right gun to fit their needs. Head there today to purchase a great handgun for concealed carry and protecting the home.