The EcoTech Approach For Green Businesses In Miami Gardens

It can be very challenging for small businesses to find the funding and resources they need to turn ideas into reality. In the Miami Gardens area, entrepreneurs and small businesses with green manufacturing, product and service ideas now can turn to EcoTech Visions for full support in building their business.

An innovative idea from Founder and President Dr. Pandwe A. Gibson, EcoTech Visions is a green small business incubator and maker space. Now housed in the Green Corridor area, EcoTech Visions boasts 26,000 square feet of meeting and conference rooms, a full prototyping lab, business, and office space as well as collaborative workspace for small businesses and entrepreneurs in the area.

The Approach

As a small business incubator catering to green technologies and services, EcoTech Visions is more than just a physical space. Dr. Gibson has included a host of services for businesses, all which are available through different levels of membership or through an a la carte selection of services.

In addition to physical space, equipment, and technical support, all member businesses and entrepreneurs can access specific events and training at the EcoTech Visions location, providing important support in all aspects of concept through prototyping, production, and marketing of green services and products.

The EcoTech Visions facility is also designed to provide training for the green businesses it fosters and develops. Through Digital Bootcamp, people in the community who have not been able to attend college or specific training programs can develop IT skills to help them to move into better jobs, often with businesses in the incubator.

While the Green Corridor is more than just EcoTech Visions, this is definitely the hub of the area. Already creating a green economy in Miami is becoming a reality for Dr. Gibson, Ecotech in Miami Gardens, creating more interest and focus on her accomplishments in the community.