Three Popular Types of Designer Gates to Purchase in California

Designer gates are a way to enhance your property in a way that shows creativity and adds pizazz. Homeowners choose a designer gate for many reasons, including adding value to their home, showing off their unique style, or displaying an emblem related to their family heritage. Businesses opt for these gates to display the company logo, create stylish safety barriers, or provide an attractive entrance for consumers.

Here are three popular gate types to consider installing:


High-tech gates are engineered with the latest technology. These gates complement more modern designs with their narrow profile. Homeowners enjoy the security it provides when installed at a 45-degree angle. Some homeowners opt for a more flashy version that allows limited visibility of their homes.


Glass gates raise property values and create a high-class sleek look. Homeowners have the option of choosing a white, clear, or black glass to suit their privacy and style preferences.

Profile 24

Profile 24 gating offers the most versatility. Consumers can choose from a wide range of options including width, gap size, horizontal or vertical panels, and color.

All three styles require very low maintenance and are environmentally friendly. It is protected from rust or decay with materials that prevent it from corroding.

Invest in a designer gate to display your style or become a distributor to increase your earning potential. Benefit from the versatility that designer gates have to offer with added security and a modern or contemporary style.