Three Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Workers’ Comp Claim in Indianapolis

If you’re filing for workers compensation insurance in Indianapolis, IN, you already know that you need to be extremely explicit, clear and focused when filing your claim. Every single bit of information will count, so you want to make sure that you have everything that you need so you increase your likelihood of getting approved. Receiving workers comp can make the difference between healing from your injuries in a relaxed way or being worried about finances while trying to heal. Following are three tips to keep in mind when filing for your Workers Compensation Insurance Indianapolis, IN.

Report Your Injury Right Away

You need to report your injury as soon as it happens. Not only will this help you with future medical care, but it will also help establish the exact date and time that the injury took place. This is all information that will be looked into when your claim is being reviewed.

Get Medical Treatment

Get medical treatment for your injuries as soon as possible. Workers comp includes medical support, so make sure that your injury has a history of support with doctors and hospitals. You also want to make sure that you get medical support right away so that you can begin your healing process.

Understand Your Benefits

Understand the different types of benefits that are available so that you know exactly what to expect. For instance, temporary disability benefits are given while you’re off of work and recovering from your injuries, while permanent disability benefits are given for long-lasting physical issues caused by your injury.

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