Training Car Dealership Employees With an Educational Academy

To run a successful car dealership, you’ll want to optimize your profits to make as much as possible. However, profit margins aren’t the only thing to be thinking about when running a successful car dealership.

You’ll want to make sure that you have customers coming back and forth due to fantastic service. Take a look into reasons why car dealership owners and employees should train at a NADA dealer academy.

Technical Knowledge

A successful dealership will often grow their service team so that customers can always go back whether they need an oil change or their tires aligned. However, one bad mechanic can mean a customer leaving a bad review and never coming back to that location again.

With the right NADA dealer academy, employees can learn all of the technical knowledge they need to successfully repair cars. This will give you a great service team for your dealership, making you a lot of money in the long run.


After a while, you might have built a great service center at your car dealership. The problem is that some people might not find it enough to keep visiting your dealership over and over after purchasing a car from you.

By attending a dealer academy, your employees can learn sales tactics that can be useful when selling car services to customers. This not only means upselling to customers visiting your dealership but calling past customers and seeing if they are interested in what you’re selling.

Dealership Training

A car dealership knows that they can’t be waiting long to get better while the competition is working hard. Car dealership owners should get themselves and their employees enrolled in a NADA dealership academy as soon as possible.

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