What Are the Reasons People Leave Denominational Churches for Non-Denominational Churches?

In our modern world, non-denominational churches are quickly becoming more popular. More than ever, people who were previously a part of a denominational church are moving towards a non-denominational one. Many of the major denominations are experiencing falling numbers. But why is this happening? We’ll share a few thoughts on that today.

Less Formal Environment

Year ago, people got all dressed up to go to church every Sunday. However, in today’s society, casual is key ,and it’s no surprise that some individuals are flocking toward churches that allow this. It’s common for a non-denominational church to have a casual or business casual dress code. The people in the church are simply excited that you show up, regardless of what you are wearing to the service.

Multiple Service Times

Many non-denominational churches in Jacksonville, FL, have numerous service times available. There might be an early one for those who get up at dawn, one for those who like sleeping in, and even one for those who work on Sundays.Also, these services might be the same or they might offer different music and worship styles.

Children’s Worship Options

While children are welcome to go to the main service, most non-denominational churches also offer children’s church. There will be specific programs for children with activities that fit their age. Most teachers of these classes are members of the church who volunteer their time. There will be an adult volunteer, but teenage volunteers may also offer assistance. Parents are typically also welcome if they prefer to stay with their child.

Type of Service

Many services at non-denominational churches will last somewhere from one hour to two hours. This will include the worship service which is where all of the singing and music happens. There will likely also be a section of the service for announcements and to take offerings. The sermon will also be a part of the service each Sunday at the typical Jacksonville church.

At Southpoint Community Church, we offer a contemporary non-denominational service for those in the area on Sundays. We also offer services for high school students on Wednesday and middle schoolers on Thursday. If you are interested in learning more about our services or wish to ask a question, you can visit our website at www.SouthpointCC.com.