Where to Check Out Events in Lawrence

With the start of summer, chances are that you and your friends are looking for a great place to enjoy the warm weather. One underrated place to visit would be your local winery. There is always something happening here; plus, you get to enjoy a variety of different local wines. What’s not to love? Best of all, many wineries are outdoors which allows you to take full advantage of the sun’s glorious rays. If you are looking for a great place to enjoy events in Lawrence, consider visiting a winery.

Different Events That You Can Find at a Winery

From live music to trivia nights, wineries offer a blend of different events. On top of having fun and enjoying these events, you also get to sample a variety of different local wines. If you are feeling a bit studious, wineries also offer tours where you can not only get a glimpse of the grapes used in the winemaking process but you also get to learn about the process as well.

Attend an Event or Host One Yourself!

A winery also makes a great place to host special events in Lawrence. Whether it is a baby shower or wedding reception, a winery makes the perfect venue. There is room for everyone and you’ll be surrounded by the breathtaking views of the vineyards. A vineyard makes a great place to visit with gal pals or your mom, so long as they are 21 and up! To know more please contact KC WINE CO.