What is Connected Solutions Battery Demand Rebate Program in Rhode Island?

by | Aug 31, 2020 | Solar

On periods when your energy consumption is at its peak, conservation of energy is vital. Reducing your consumption throughout peak periods minimizes electricity costs.

On top of that, you also get to save the environment contributing to the decrease in pollution. National Grid introduced the Connected Solutions Battery Dem and Rebate Program to help you make this happen while getting paid. Learn more about this program within this article.

Ultimately this incentive program will reduce costs.

The National Grid Recently Opened Their ConnectedSolutions Program to Rhode Island Homeowners

Battery storage systems are one of the most innovative solutions to conserve energy for your home. These lower your electricity costs while providing back-up power in case of outages, during blackouts, and inclement weather. National Grid introduced the ConnectedSolutions program to Rhode Island homeowners to reward their use of batteries during times of peak energy use.

With this program, you can receive incentives for allowing utility companies to draw energy stored in your battery at peak periods. This incentive can help balance out the electric grid to avoid energy usage from expensive “peaker plants.”

The peaker plants generate additional energy at specific periods throughout the day, contributing to surges in electric cost. They also release greenhouse gases at a high rate that pollute the planet. Thus, participating in the program allows you to receive earnings while you conserve energy and save the environment. You can join when you install a battery from their supported companies such as Generac, SolarEdge, and Tesla which are also offered by Green Power Energy.

How Much Can You Save Through the ConnectedSolutions Program?

Rhode Island consumers can save the costs of investing in battery storage systems with this program. The initial installation of this system starts at $13,000. On the other hand, it costs $400/kWh to $750/kWh on a cost per watt basis. Unfortunately, these figures might turn you off from going solar. But with the incentives from the ConnectedSolutions program, you can receive a good return on investment while reducing your bills. The incentive structure offers around $1,500 per year over the course of five years.

This program indicates that you can earn up to $7,500 in five years participating in ConnectedSolutions. The amount that you earn boils down on your battery performance. But this approximation guarantees that you can save more than your initial investment in the installation of the battery storage system.

Now is the Perfect Time to Install a Solar Battery with the ConnectedSolutions Program

The ConnectedSolutions Program doesn’t require much work from you to get started. The affiliated inverter companies can help manage all the paperwork for you. If you get Tesla to manage the program, they take 20% of the incentive you receive each year. Even with this commission, customers have the potential to earn $1,000 per year by applying to this program. There is also a guarantee for higher earnings when you install more than one power wall. It is important to note that the number of incentives varies depending on how you utilize your solar batteries.

That said, the perfect time to install a solar battery to qualify for the ConnectedSolutions Program is now. It is important to note that the summer incentives’ applications should be settled before June 30th to maximize incentives. Although you can still apply after the said date, energy performance will be zero for discharge events missed. Additionally, this program usually lasts for five years and can likely extend for several more.

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