School is More Exciting with Personalized Labels Made in the USA

by | Aug 28, 2020 | Labels

It’s time to buy pencils, notebooks, and new clothes. Your child wants to start school on the right foot this fall. That means picking out special items that will make your son or daughter get pumped about getting back in the classroom. School labels are one of the most important things you need to add to your list. Add some pizzazz to your child’s book covers, pencil box, and notebooks with customized stickers. Your child’s name label can give a shout out to the world. Pick something colorful, an interesting font, or a design that makes your child happy.

Choose From a Host of Colorful Designs

School labels don’t have to be boring. You can skip that black marker on a white sticker. Let your child choose from rainbows, animals, rockets, pandas, and more. You can also get special labels made if your child has an allergy. If your child needs a medical alert label, you can choose a bold design that won’t be missed to give you peace of mind.

Keep Track of Important Belongings

When you purchase school labels that stand out, your child is less likely to lose items at school. This is especially important when you have costly belongings, like calculators, tablets, and expensive clothing. Even binders can get pricey. Put a label on them so someone else won’t claim your child’s belongings. Take a look at Label Daddy’s wide selection of labels waiting for you to put your child’s name on them at

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