What to Expect from Professional Land Surveyors in Spalding County, GA

Land surveying provides valuable information about one’s property that comes in handy when applying for financing, handling boundary disputes, and much more. Property owners hiring surveyors for the first time often have a lot of questions about what to expect from the service. Read on for a brief overview of what surveyors do and then contact a Land Surveyor In Spalding County, GA, for more details.

Boundary Lines

No one wants to be that neighbor who plants their vegetable garden halfway on their neighbor’s property. Land surveys detail the exact layout of the land and help property owners know exactly where their property begins and ends boundary line disputes don’t happen.

New Builds and Additions

Many people purchase land and plan to build a home or add to the existing home. Knowing the measurements of the land and its boundaries and easements makes the building process go smoother and satisfies requirements for permits and lenders.

Utility and Easement Locations

Nothing is as disappointing or aggravating as having one’s landscaping or other property features dug up and destroyed because they’ve encroached on an easement. All properties have a section that allows for utility companies to do with as they please. Knowing where this section is on one’s property prevents frustrating problems like the ones just mentioned.

Flood Assessment

Surveyors also evaluate properties to determine if they’re in a flood plain and at risk of flood damage. Property owners need to know this information to take proper precautions to protect their homes and ensure their insurability.

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