Why You Should Use a Postcard Mailing Service

by | May 17, 2019 | Marketing

The average response rate for a postcard mailing is 4.5 percent, according to the Direct Marketing Association. And while this rate will vary depending on your message and the aesthetics of the postcard, the more you mail, the more you’ll make. But before you start assembling your own postcard mailing, you should consider using a postcard mailing service. Here’s why.


Your Postcard Mailing Services San Francisco agency is much more knowledgeable about the types of postcards that pull best. This firm also has copywriters on staff who can write convincing copy. Your representative has also probably gotten great results for other clients, and can use some of the same strategies with your postcard mailings.

More Cost-Efficient

Your postcard mailing firm enjoys greater economies of scales than you because it purchases mailing names and supplies in bulk. Your representative also knows where to print the cards cheaply, if his firm doesn’t print them, and can pass some of the savings on to you.

One-Stop Shop

If you didn’t use a Postcard Mailing Services San Francisco firm, you’d have to handle all the mailing responsibilities yourself. That includes designing the postcard, getting someone to print it, sticking the address labels on and taking it to the post office. The alternative is having your postcard mailing firm do everything to free up your time.

Gets More Attention

More potential customers will look at your postcards because they don’t have to open a letter. And your postcard mailing agency can create copy or use pictures that entice people to read the entire card. It’s a numbers game from there, as the more people who read your sales pitch, the higher your number of leads or direct sales.

More Repeat Business

Once your Postcard Mailing Services San Francisco company mails the postcards, you can keep track of people who respond. You can then use the names to generate repeat business by phone or email.

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