Your Guide to Building Your Dream Entertainment Center in Santa Clara

Today’s entertainment sets are a far cry from the particle board cabinets your parents purchased back in the day. Just Google “entertainment set in Santa Clara” and behold the plethora of locally available options that pop up. Entertainment sets let you build a customized social hub in your living room or den, presenting countless choices in terms of configuration, color, material and style.

Vintage Inspired or Ahead of Trend?

Entertainment sets come in two basic configurations. The first is a wide floor cabinet with open shelves or concealed for your consoles, media and peripherals. Your television sits on top of the cabinet’s counter with cords tucked discreetly away in back.

The second is a two-piece set. It might be a freestanding hutch that sits atop a lower cabinet, or it might be a lower cabinet with a floating shelf. Sometimes the lower cabinet also floats, freeing up valuable floor space.

What’s the Difference Between Entertainment Styles?

Style is entirely personal. There are no hard and fast rules. Generally, it’s much more handsome and makes a better impact when your entertainment set matches the style of your other decor.

There are four basic style categories most furniture falls into: casual, traditional, modern/contemporary and transitional. Casual furniture is basic, unobtrusive and functional. Traditional style evokes silhouettes and colors you may have seen in your grandparents’ furniture. It looks vintage without feeling stuffy or old.

Modern and contemporary, often grouped together, run the gamut. These styles can be chic and minimalist, Scandinavian inspired or mid-century. Transitional is a style that encompasses elements of multiple styles. This type of furniture is easier to pair with a wider variety of traditional or modern design schemes.

Entertainment Set Width Vs. Television Width

The width of your chosen entertainment set does not have to perfectly match the width of your television. Most sets allow for a differentiation of up to five inches. Thus, an entertainment set measuring 65 inches wide can accommodate a 70-inch television.

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