5 Ways to Choose an Inclusing Consulting Firm

by | Feb 14, 2019 | Consulting Services

Find a reputable partner to help you achieve your diversity and inclusion goals. Here’s how to choose an inclusion consulting firm.

Look for local businesses

Companies that have been in the area and business for years are excellent options to consider. If the organization has been around long enough, then there’s ahigher chance that they have the resources you need to get the results you want.

Say your budget

Setting your budget and being upfront about it will help eliminate companies that may be out of your price range. However, mentioning your budget during the initial interview may help firms put together a plan that’s a good match for the organization. That way, you can stay on target with your finances while also meeting your inclusion goals.

Be on the same page

Before you hire an inclusion consulting firm, make sure you’re both on the same page, Forbes says. Understand the terms that your firm uses. If there’s anything that you don’t quite understand or you think you understand but aren’t quite sure, don’t be afraid to ask about them. Talking out the details will help prevent misunderstandings and problems down the road.

Talk about your expectations

It pays to talk to the consulting experts about what you expect from their services. How will you determine if the training is a success or not?What are the metricsused to measure success?

Wait it out

The changes won’t happen overnight. Be realistic with the schedule. It’s not a race. Instead, give your team and organization room and time to grow. Working together with a consulting firmwill help your organization become more diverse and inclusive over time.

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