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by | Feb 14, 2019 | Fire and Security

If your house has a second story or you live in a second-story apartment, you need to have an escape ladder. If a fire were to break out, you might not be able to access the stairs in order to get out of the house. Your only way out might be the window. A ladder makes it possible for you to escape without worrying about falling and injuring yourself. In the haste to get out, the ladder only takes a few seconds to put into place. In less than one minute, you will be out of the house and in a safe place away from smoke and fire.

A ladder for escape is ideal for adults and children. As long as a child can walk, they can use the escape ladder. The ladders have a textured surface for ease of use. If you are nervous and have sweaty hands, you will not have to worry about slipping or losing your grasp. You can even descend the ladder if you are holding a baby in one of your hands. The foot rungs are sized so that small children as well as large adults can easily use them.

These ladders fold up in a compact manner for ease of storage. They should be stored near a window that you can open quickly. The ladders attach to the windowsill or frame, which keeps them in place. These ladders are sturdy and strong for use.

When you need an escape ladder, our products are a wise choice. Let us help you have peace of mind and be ready in case a disaster strikes. Contact us at First Alert, Inc. by phone or online at in order to learn more about how to use these ladders and why they are important for your household.

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