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by | Feb 24, 2021 | Labels

Because children frequently treat their clothing negligently, parents usually know it is up to them to safeguard the clothes their kidswear. People with a loved one living in a nursing home may feel they need to prevent their loved one’s clothing from winding up on someone else’s back because it didn’t have a name tag on it. Securing clothing labels to clothing is an effective way to avoid losing apparel.

Labels for Kids

Kid’s labels can be ordered with fun images on them. Your child’s full name will be clearly printed on each one when you order them. You can request that your phone number be printed on each label, too. This will help ensure that you’re notified if your children’s clothes go missing. Labels for kids come in packs of various sizes. The School Pack contains 139 labels that are sized to fit T-shirts, backpacks and more. The Unicorn Kiddie Label Pack contains 54 labels, and each one has a colorful image of a unicorn on it. Also available are waterproof zipper tags that can be clipped onto suitcases, jackets and backpacks.

Labels for Adults

Clothing labels for adults can be ordered with your name and contact number on them. Labels with stylish designs can be purchased. Name tags for laptops, purses, textbooks, sneakers and other items are also available.

All of these labels are waterproof. They are safe to put in the microwave, dryer, dishwasher and freezer. Order clothing labels from Label Daddy. Send an email from their website if you have questions.

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