High Precision PCB Assembly for Prototyping and Volume Production

Assembly for printed circuit boards involves connecting circuit board wiring with an electronic product’s components. It’s the last stage of production in completing a functional device.

PCB Assemblies

Printed circuit board assembly is an electro-mechanical manufacturing process that yields high-quality assemblies. These assemblies can implement in such value-added applications as box builds, or turnkey solutions manufacturing. The assembly process can also include prototyping, function testing and quick-turn or production volumes.

Assembly Processes

Assembling printed circuit boards requires close attention to detail with exacting precision to ensure an electronic device’s successful operation. Ideal assembly methods are:

  • Plated Through-Hole Technology – Assembly involves components with attached leads that insert into printed circuit boards with drilled holes.
  • Surface Mount Assembly – Metal tabs on components attach to printed circuit boards on both sides with soldering, yielding high-density circuits.
  • Box-Build Assembly – This approach integrates printed circuit boards with other electronic components, such as cable assemblies or wire harnesses.

Benefits or PCB Assembly

Printed circuit board assembly and testing can improve product quality, giving companies a competitive edge and increased profitability. Benefits include:

  • Complex assemblies through one point of purchase
  • Reduced capitalized overhead
  • Manufacturing to cost
  • Reduced costs for purchase products
  • Process control, high quality and delivery management

Specialized Manufacturing

Specialized high-precision manufacturing since 1963 in a privately-held business can produce single products or complex assemblies while reliably providing solutions long-term. For exceptional workmanship in fabrication, machining and electro mechanical assembly, contact Vista Manufacturing Company.