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Claiming Your First (Or Next) Chagall

Owning a Chagall needn’t be a dream. Onessimo Fine Art Gallery showcases some of the world’s best photography, fine art, sculpture and Marc Chagall artwork West Palm Beach FL. Peruse an expertly curated assortment of Chagall lithographs.

Chagall created lithographs numbering in the hundreds . Depending on availability, you may come across any number of them. Some of the more famous lithographs frequently appear in movies, art documentaries, posters, post cards and the works of other artists. Following is a brief rundown of the types of lithographs and Marc Chagall artwork West Palm Beach FL you can expect to find at Onessimo Fine Art Gallery.

Marc Chagall’s Famous Lithographs

“Carmen” takes its title form the namesake opera by Georges Bizet. The opera follows the star-crossed Don Jose and the titular character, a fierce, defiant, openly sexual woman. Chagall’s lithograph immortalizes Carmen in all of her red-flamed glory, depicting the heroine and her cohorts playing instruments, singing and dancing across the skyline of Seville.

“The Tribe of Levi” depicts the Ten Commandments and the instruments used during a Passover Seder. The lithograph pays homage to Levites, the priestly tribe, as well as the tradition of Passover. It also evidences Chagall’s Hassidic Jewish heritage and his ongoing attempt to grapple with WWII and his own increasingly slippery position in Parisian society.

Like the Hebrews who subsequently fled Egypt, Chagall was exiled from Paris and went to New York in 1941. This lithograph symbolizes Chagall’s reverence for his heritage and its continuous ability to inspire great art despite its frequent clash with sometimes violently, deadly anti-Semitic ideology.

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