Getting Your Windows Clean

Keeping your windows clean gives you an unobstructed view to the outside world. If you’re not familiar with cleaning your windows so that there are no streaks left behind and so that the trim around the windows is cleaned as well, then consider contacting a window cleaning Suffolk County company that has all of the materials needed for the job. The first thing that you need to do is determine what kind of supplies you’re going to use, such as sponges, paper towels, cloths, or newspaper. The type of material you use to clean your windows could leave streaks or scratches behind, so you need to make sure you’re using the right products.

When you talk to a window cleaning Suffolk County company, you should let the person who will be cleaning your windows know that you want the inside and outside cleaned with different materials. If you’re cleaning your own windows, then consider making a cleaning solution with dish detergent. It will be gentle on the glass and usually won’t leave behind spots. It’s also a better option if there are children or pets in the home instead of using a lot of cleaning chemicals. Vinegar is a good cleaning product to use as well, but make sure the home is ventilated as the odor can be overwhelming at times.

Stains around the edges of the window and on the trim, especially outside, can be cleaned with an eraser that removes streaks of all kinds. When you’re trying to remove window screens, use a paint can opener as it has just the right edge for getting the screens out with little damage. After cleaning the glass, use a new blade on your squeegee to remove as much water as possible without leaving behind streaks. Cloths should be new as well when you take on this household chore.