Aluminum Recycling in Baltimore: How is the Recycled Aluminum Used?

People who recycle often wonder what happens to the items they donate. That’s certainly true when it comes to Aluminum Recycling in Baltimore. Here are some of the ways that those donated items continue to serve useful purposes in the future.

Creating New Cans

Aluminum cans are common packaging for many types of foods and beverages. Think about all the different kinds of cans that can be collected as part of the effort for aluminum recycling in Baltimore. Each of those cans will supply the material needed to make a whole new crop of cans. For example, donating aluminum soda cans begins the process of preparing the material for use in the production of condensed soup cans. In many cases, it only takes a couple of months for the old cans donated today to be processed into materials that create new cans that are filled, sealed, and back on supermarket shelves.

Building Facades

Another way that donated aluminum is used is in the creation of building facades and siding. There is no doubt that aluminum siding is one of the more popular ways to improve the look of the home and reduce the amount of labor needed to keep the place looking great. Instead of ending up in a landfill somewhere, those old aluminum cans will be processed and turned into sheet metal. Those sheets are eventually cut and stamped to create the siding sections needed to cover the facade of a home.


Not everyone knows that aluminum is one of the popular materials used in the manufacture of bicycles. The fact that the material is light and holds up well makes it ideal for this purpose. Recycled aluminum is often used by bicycle manufacturers to ensure they can produce quality products and still keep production costs within reason. The result is that they make more profit from each unit sold, and customers have something they can use for years.

People who would like to learn more about how recycled aluminum can be put to good use should visit Mid-Atlantic Metals today. Take the time to talk with a representative about how aluminum can be collected using neighborhood drives and other methods. It won’t take long to see how everyone benefits from saving and donating those old cans rather than tossing them into the trash.